One of Many Firsts

Tonight I set up my tent for the first time. After extensive research and patient bargain hunting, I went with the Big Agnes Rattlesnake SL3 mtnGLO that I purchased from the REI Garage. A tent is an expensive, critical piece of equipment for my thru-hike; I was slightly trepidatious.

Before taking it out of the bag I noted how much lighter it was compared to my old tent and as I laid out the parts I was impressed with how flexible yet durable they seemed. I was amazed at how gracefully the poles unfolded and then transformed into a tent frame, as if they were putting themselves together. The fabric of the tent felt silky and breathable; it draped across the floor like a beautiful dress. Could this actually be a sturdy, livable structure? But then the tent clipped effortlessly onto the frame, the poles popped easily into their grommets and voila! suddenly I had a home of my own! Next I crawled inside with my buddy Hayley for the inaugural lighting ceremony. The strands of LED lights lining the inside seams of a third of the tent are perfectly placed for reading and have a low and high setting; it felt quite high tech to sit inside a tent engineered with interior lighting! I sprawled out on my back, staring up at the glowing ceiling thinking “This will be my home for the next six months”. I know I had a huge smile on my face.

I haven’t purchased a tent in almost two decades and the advancements in materials, technology and quality were astounding to me. I am very satisfied with my purchase thus far and look forward to being able to field test it during my hike. Tonight, I am one happy camper!

Tent image
Home Sweet Home
Photo credit: Brent Danley

4 thoughts on “One of Many Firsts

  1. Good writing, Tonya. Not only was it fun to watch you set up your new tent in my loft, but I enjoyed reading about your infectious excitement for your adventure and all of the details. Waiting for the post about your cute little stove.

  2. Though your site is only in the “bare bones” stage we think it’s off to an incredible start! Congratulations!!!! Love you….dad and mom

    1. Thank you, mom and dad! A large part of why I wanted to have this site was for the both of you to be able to follow my journey and have regular updates of my location and experiences. I love you both and appreciate all of your support!

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